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How was this done?

Visual Code is a collection of Actionscript codes specifically for designers and artists. The benefit of this collection is that it does not require any previous knowledge in programming - it is a source of inspiration for students and professionals.

We now offer all the codes as an Actionscript 3.0 version. We acknowledge the growing popularity of this newer language version, and are keeping up the simplicity of our codes in Actionscript 3.0.

The examples published, originate from the teaching practice of Andres Wanner and Roman Schnyder. They were developed at HGK FHNW, Basel and at HSLU, Lucerne.

We would like to express our most sincere gratitude to Prof. Dr. Werner Hartmann (PH Bern) and Marc Pilloud (HSLU) for their exceptionally competent scientific advice. Big thanks to Ted Davis and Hasti Seifi for their great help! Our appreciation extends to the Swiss Federal Office for Culture, for their financial support.

Andres Wanner, Roman Schnyder